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Move and Learn Project

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United Kingdom

22 Aug 2014

BEST is an acronym for Bringing education & sport together, a project born in England at a local level who aspires to lead nationally all Kinder+Sport values. The pilot phase was carried out in Watford, in collaboration with the Watford Football Club Community Trust, involving at a second stage the Football League Trust and the Public Health Watford. The aim of this collaboration is to educate children to a proper diet and to an active lifestyle through the values of sport. The project involved 1,800 children of the 5th year in 30 different schools from November 2013 to July 2014. All the students had the opportunity to learn concepts related to nutrition, exercise and hydration of the human body using interactive devices and solving weekly tests. There were also planned sessions of sporting activities, at the end of which were delivered to children fact sheets containing recommendations for a healthy diet, exercises to do at home and informations about how to contact the local sporting associations. The participants were then invited to the Vicarage Road Stadium, Watford, to attend a professional football game together with their families, meet the players and take part to a penalty kicks game during the half time, feeling the thrilling experience of playing in a stadium full of supporters.



  • 21300 Moved kids