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Sundays dedicated to physical activity with family

Ciudad de Mexico

12 Oct 2014

Like every last Sunday of the month, it has been a wonderful day dedicated to physical activity with family in Mexico City through the event Ciclotón. By partnering with InDeporte, more than 60,000 people of all ages braved a chilly morning to be part of this great initiative, skating or on a bicycle along the city streets, transformed for the occasion into a real "Capital of Sport." Ambassador of the Kinder+Sport program, the gymnast Cynthia Valdez was at the event to involve families to participate in various games of physical activation. A significant number of families gathered in La Palma was also involved to practice for more than an hour of relaxation exercises Naam Yoga. Kinder+Sport is an international project with a presence in 27 countries able to actively move over 2.250.000 children per year. Source: El Sol de México