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Schools Research Project “Village”

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23 Oct 2014

The Village research project is an initiative started in 2012 aimed to implement a new sporting method, able to spread the practice of physical activity as a daily habit and to support education through play. The study wants to demonstrate with scientific evidence that physical activity contributes to a better development of the social sphere through the enhancement of life skills such as creativity, empathy and the ability to communicate effectively, skills that underlie the maturity of every citizen. This 3-year project is involving more than a thousand children from primary schools and preschools, making them participating to recreational-motor activities in the Village sporting center of Alba, tutored by teachers and motor science experts. These activities aim to stimulate the motor, cognitive and social development of children in a natural and joyful way; for example introducing active and intelligent breaks during school lessons, to activate both body and mind with play and physical exercises.



  • 1000 per week Moved kids